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A Sorta Fairytale With you...

I could pick back up whenever I feel.

Erin: Cornflake Girl
15 January 1981

This is now my regular journal for all my various rantings and ravings because my Ujournal went down faster than the Titanic at a drunken frat party. Um... that made no sense to anyone other than myself and I can accept that if you can... Moving on...

This journal is also now FRIEND'S ONLY because everyone knows that people who troll around the internet and post anonymous comments that are mean-spirited and sound nearly stalker-like are gutless losers. Gutless losers don't get to read my journal. To all the gutless losers in the world, go back down to your parent's basement and finish downloading your pr0n and playing on your message boards talking about how much last night's Star Trek was "OMG teh r0x0r!!1!!1!!one1!" or how much you totally "p3wn3d!!11!!" that other guy in Warcraft. Don't bring it around here.

Mini-bio time: Break it down now...
*I'm 26

*I live in Lawrence, KS (the liberal hub/oasis in desolate conservative Kansas)

*I work at the University of Kansas as a Cataloger working with Government Documents. I did want to go to library school soon, but in accordance with my policy of constantly changing my mind about things, I have now decided to pursue sign language first and think about library school later. So, in summary... Sign language is my new passion.

*I live in sin with my fiance and our two doggies Lenore and Annabelle. I had rats but they all freakin' died. I had TWO die last week. I'll try not to take that personally.

*I am an Asian trapped in a Caucasian's body. Actually, I say that because I'm hopelessly addicted to all things Asian. Addiction is a harsh word, but not harsh enough apparently. I need Asian things or I will explode. It happens to me sometimes.

*Family Guy, Futurama, Simpsons, Invader Zim, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and Clerks are all very funny animated series DVD's that I could watch for hours and hours on end. Four of them have been cancelled from TV. This further proves that corporate America does not know what we want and rather, tries to TELL us what we want. Who do I blame for the downfall of quality television programming? The Man. Oh yes... The Man and his "Survivor: Special Victims Unit" and "The E! True Hollywood Story: Britney does something regular people do, but she's a star so we filmed it in it's entirety."

*I tend to be sarcastic and that doesn't always play out while reading what I am writing. In the future, please try to take it all with a grain of salt and not take me too seriously unless it is blatently obvious or I state otherwise. This will hopefully clear up any potential issues in THIS journal that I had in my LAST journal where people assumed I was talking about them when in reality, they were just paranoid or upset that attention was not being paid to them. Either way... if you're trying to bring that kind of thing around here you can just keep on walking, mister. Save the drama for your mama and grab a tissue for your issue. Other rhymes that illustrate this point are forever welcome as these are, undeniably, quite lame.

*I will try and update energetically and often, with each entry being more recent than the last!!

*Furthermore, I am not a man posing as a female, a faker, poser, doppleganger, or playa, sum1 who tawks lik dis OMGWTF??!!, or someone who can tolerate the word "holla". I am Erin. I am a regular person who sometimes has delusions of grandeur. If you want to be my friend, simply add me and let me know. I do not bite unless bitten first OR unless you taste like chocolate, sushi, or gummy bears.

*I am friend, I come in peace.

Any other questions you have about/for me can be directed to ekidwell at yahoo.com with the subject line: What Would You Do For a Klondike Bar? Please be prepared to provide me with one interesting monkey factoid as a sacrifice.


All "styles" provided by: Except the Tori Amos one... that one is mine!

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